Hardware Selection

Elite Aluminum

Custom Wall-Beds and Wall-beds Alberta are the exclusive provincial dealers for the patented Murphy Bed™ mechanism, a counter-balanced spring loaded system proven to be the most reliable mechanism on the market with over 200, 000 in use worldwide. In addition to using genuine Murphy Bed hardware we do all of our custom installations with the elite, lightweight, aluminum bed frame.

Our sleek black Murphy Bed™ mechanisms are barely 1” thick per side, virtually maintenance free and have an iron-clad lifetime warranty. The wall-bed frame, finished here in Canada in a black pebble powder coat, is very lightweight for raising and lowering the Murphy Bed ™.


Supreme Steel Hardware Kit

This hardware kit allows you to create your own custom cabinetry and comes complete with the Murphy™ mechanism, frame, rounded legs, leg bar, detailed cut-list and straightforward instructions.  All that is required to build your own functional, attractive custom bed is the lumber, a tool kit with a drill, level and tape measure, good reading skills and a little imagination.

The steel frame is finished in an attractive black pebble powder coat, can support 1700 lbs evenly distributed over the surface of the Murphy Wall Bed and allows up to a 10” deep mattress.  These steel frames are not only popular with homeowners but stand up very well to the demands of commercial and resort applications.

Frame Options

Get More Mattress Out of Your Bed.

In the end, a good night’s sleep really is about your mattress. We offer multiple frame options to allow you to use deeper or longer mattresses with your wall bed.

Standard Extended Leg


45”w x 18 ½”d x 82 7/16”h

60”w x 18 ½”d x 82 7/16”h

66”w x 18 ½”d x 87 7/16”h)

Mattress Depth:
12 ½” thick (max)

Super Extended Leg


45”w x 21 1/4”d x 86 3/16”h

60”w x 21 1/4”d x 86 3/16”h

66”w x 21 1/4”d x 91 3/16”h

Mattress Depth:
15” thick (max)

Extended length Frames


Extra long Single: 
mattress size  - 39”w x 80”h x max 10”d
45”w x 16 1/8”d x 85 1/16”h

Extra long Double: 
mattress size - 54”w x 80”h x max 10”d
60”w x 16 1/8”d x 85 1/16”h


Twenty Years of Experience Guide Our Materials Choices.

We choose only the best materials for each element of your renovation. When building with wood, our cabinets are constructed with a combination of wood veneers and solids. For door and drawer frames, as well as the bed front layovers, desk top edges, toe kicks and crown mouldings, we use solids. The desk tops, gables, door and bed panels are all made out of premium veneers laminated onto 44 PSI Particle core material.

Particle Board Versus Plywood.

Most made-to-order cabinets are constructed from some sort of particle board with a cost savings ranging from 7-20%.  Particle board is found in most cabinetry ranging from low end box stores that use 16 PSI “junk” to high end custom design shops that use 44 PSI furniture grade.  What sets them apart is the density of the core, grade of veneer, quality in design and construction; mass production by machines or built by hand.

High density particle core is very consistent and can be made in 100% true to size specifications while plywood may not be made so precisely. Both particle core and plywood are manufactured “all wood” products. Particle core is made up of small particles of wood while plywood is made from thin layers of wood. Both are glued and pressed together but with the better glues and the higher pressures used in the manufacturing of today’s furniture grade cores it has more strength than plywood. Plywood expands and contracts due to varying temperatures, dryness and humidity which can lead to warping. We find High grade particle core more durable and resistant to warping caused by Alberta’s ever changing climate and that it does not delaminate from water damage like plywood can.


Real Wood Veneer
Right out of nature.  A veneer is thinly sliced pieces of wood glued onto a core with a natural grain that is easily sanded, cut and stained.  We hand select ‘A grade’ wood veneers to offer our clients the best selected materials possible. We build with Maple, Ash, Oak, Alder, Walnut, Hickory, Birch, Pine and more.   With 1000’s of stain colours available we can custom stain match to your existing cabinetry, a piece of furniture or choose from one of the standard colours in our showroom.  Real wood veneers create beautiful furniture.

Melamine is a resin material that is laminated under heat and pressure then pasted onto particleboard. Because it is a solid plastic surface it is flat and cannot have a decorative design incorporated onto it the way wood can - such as the look of doors or drawers.  It is the most economical material to use for a Murphy bed and we offer it in select colours.


Particle core
For long-term, moisture-warp free durability and overall strength, we use a high quality particle core in our construction. There are many grades and types of particleboard and MDF. When evaluating a construction material make sure you are comparing the same things. Our experience and our 1% service ratio has taught us the best material for each application and we can show you why in our showroom. We only use industrial, furniture grade particle core rated at 44 PSI.

MDF is a type of hardboard made from wood fibres glued under intense heat and pressure. There are a number of reasons why MDF may be used instead of plywood or particle board. It is dense, flat, extremely stiff with no knots so it is easily machined. Because it is made up of many fine particles, MDF does not have an easily recognizable surface grain so it can be painted any colour producing a smooth quality finish. MDF can be cut, drilled and have machine-router designs fabricated into it. It is the second most economical material we offer.

Environmental Considerations.

While particle core is not a wholly natural material, it is a more applicable material for many construction and renovation situations. The cardinal rule in environmental stewardship is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The advantage of particle core is that due to its extremely high density it will have a longer life in the service of our clients, which reduces disposal. Particle core is also comprised of wood that would otherwise go to waste.


When space is a premium optimize your space with specialty cabinetry.

If you have a very specific cabinet you would like custom built but have no idea where to get it done call Custom Wall-Beds.  We have been in the cabinet business since 1976, with extensive experience in building unique specialized items like fireplaces, custom closets, laundry rooms, bars, entertainment centers and much more.  If you can dream it up and it will work, we can usually build it.  Don't be held back because you think it can't be done, check with us first. We will incorporate custom storage solution into our wall-bed installations at your request.

Work Stations

Functional office space and a bedroom all at once.

Custom Wall-Beds can give you two rooms in one by creating a multifunctional room without the expense of moving or buying a new house. Make the most of your home by creating a home office and flexible second bedroom in the same area – get an office by day and a bedroom by night in just 2.5 seconds.

Your Murphy Wall-Bed will fold up to look like a cabinet on the wall when not needed, giving you important floor space so you can move comfortably at your desk.  We can custom build a desk in many different shapes, lengths and depths to give you the ability to create a workspace for your needs.  A neo-angled desktop, incorporated into the corner, offers the most leg space when dealing with small spaces.  We can create file cabinets, printer pull out cabinets, CPU cabinets, mail slots, bookshelves and more, custom built to suit your space and needs.

Lighting & Electronics

Seamlessly Integrated Lighting and Electronics.

The applications for your Custom Wall Beds renovation are limitless. We can completely integrate your wall bed with cabinetry, drawers, side tables and more. Want to incorporate built-in side lamps, decorative lighting, hide wires and cables for your entertainment system or computer work station, we can do that too. Our portfolio of renovations includes speakers, printers, sewing machines, televisions, video game systems and others.

Beyond Beds

Kitchens, vanities and more.

In 1976 we started our custom cabinet business working with many of todays top homebuilders, building kitchens and vanities for new home construction.  When the opportunity arose to build a Murphy Bed ™ our new business focus was born, but we have never stopped creating beautiful custom kitchens.  We will work with contractors or directly with you the homeowner to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

Our designers will sit down with you to discuss and create your new functional, beautiful custom cabinetry.  When the drawings are done we will go through each cabinet detail by detail to ensure workability, maximum usage and functionality.  Not only do we ensure every dish, pot, bowl, spoon, container, can, box and spice jar has a home and that it will work for you, we also make certain that the movement in the kitchen flows by allowing space for more than one individual to work at one time.

At Custom Wall-Beds we are a custom cabinet shop, which means we can build cabinets to different heights, depths, widths and shapes to allow maximum usage of space.

We will give you drawers and pullouts with full extension slides rated at 150lbs, for the easiest access into all spaces with the least amount of effort.  We offer many different door styles, colours, woods, handles and mouldings plus when we build our doors and drawers we grain match all fronts.

We can create islands for working, preparing or eating at, as well as phone or computer desk areas.  We have the ability to create what you wish for but only if it works!  Quality control is what we demand of ourselves so if it will not stand up over time we will rework it until it can or we will not build it.